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Program Terms & Conditions

  • The current scheme is based on the accrual of points on purchases of products & is likely to undergo changes from time to time, as per prevailing market situations.
  • Jindal Panther reserves the right to change the accrual points’ structure at any time during the duration of the program.
  • Jindal Panther shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered directly or indirectly, as a result of participating in the program or using any reward.
  • All Dealers once enrolled are eligible to participate in the Program and earn points.
  • Points will be auto-credited to dealer’s account upon completion of 10 days of point upload.
  • Once points are credited, no dispute can be raised.
  • Dealer can raise any dispute within 10 days of point upload.
  • Dealer can redeem one gift item or create a basket. The total point value of the basket should not be more than the points earned.
  • Dealers will be upgraded or downgraded in the program on the basis of their performances.
  • Jindal Panther reserves the right to add or remove a member from the program.
  • Dealer or its respective employees will be liable for any kind of taxes on the points made under the Program. The points are subject to any tax deductions under the applicable law.
  • The incentive payouts under the Program are inclusive of all taxes.
  • By participating in this Program and/or by permitting its employees to participate in this Program, dealers
    1. accept these conditions;
    2. Confirms that dealer has all necessary consents and authorizations including, without limitation, those of any parent company or affiliate, to participate in the Program.
    3. Confirms that this Program and/or the giving of any incentive to any recipient does not conflict with any of dealer's ethical or other company policies.
  • Personal data of the Dealer, if any, will be processed in accordance with Jindal Panther Privacy Policy which will be made available upon request.
  • Jindal Panther reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration of Jindal Panther GARV Program. Any change in the Program will be communicated separately.
  • For the purpose of the "Jindal Panther GARV", the decision of Jindal Panther shall be final and binding in all respects. Jindal Panther may add, delete, substitute or modify the rewards mentioned herein and /or the terms & conditions and / or cancel the Jindal Panther GARV at any time without prior notice during the tenure of this program and this shall be final and binding on all Jindal Panther Dealers.
  • This program may or may not run concurrently with any other schemes or any other reward program that may be offered by Jindal Panther.
  • All authorized Jindal Panther Dealers enrolled in this program are required to strictly keep their Jindal Panther GARV membership numbers confidential and use the Jindal Panther GARV membership number and password as assigned to them only. All enrolled Jindal Panther Dealers must follow this strictly and should not indulge in any practice contravening it directly or indirectly.
  • By participating in "Jindal Panther GARV", Jindal Panther Dealers agree to receive communication from Jindal Panther through Phone Call, SMS and/or E-Mail for any program related issues/information.
  • Any tax liability arising on account of any item received by a Jindal Panther Dealers under this program, would be the liability and responsibility solely of the Jindal Panther Dealers.
  • All authorized Jindal Panther Dealers waive any and all rights of claim with regards to the program against Jindal Panther.
  • Jindal Panther reserves the right to validate all reward points accumulation.
  • The promotion as well as gratification is subject to force majeure.
  • In case of any disputes, the right of the final decision is reserved with Jindal Panther.
  • Jurisdiction: The Court at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • All authorized Jindal Panther Dealers are hereby automatically deemed to have agreed to all of the above and no further consent will need to be obtained from any Jindal Panther Dealers in any circumstances.